We have found a nice rock on which to sit and to settle our Promethean minds. We have made it this far into our 5-month expedition to the uncharted universe of craft beer. But as expected of such a daring feat by the smallest of ships, the journey was without turbulence. And so we will retreat into deep thought to study the off-beat path we fearless explorers have tread. We will retrace our steps through the beer cosmos and learn from the beer gods, to improve our science and our art. We will come back to Earth with a better knowledge of how to harness its gifts to brew great beer.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the unconditional support, patience, and understanding you have showed us through thick and thin. As you set off on your own craft beer expeditions, remember to keep the adventurous spirit alive. Welcome the good, the bad, the weird. While not all craft beers are made equal, they (we can vouch for ours) are made with love.

Until we unite for the next odyssey, keep exploring. We leave you with these sweet parting words:
We shall return.